Other Collaborative Initiatives

 Chief Purchasing Officers’ Listserv

Purchasing administrators share experiences and information via inquiry-response, about one per week.

Student Federal Relations Trip to Washington

Since 2012 delegations of 3-5 students from most ACC universities participate in seminars and office visits.  The focus is the workings and priorities of our federal government, with special attention provided by the elected officials and associated staff from ACC states.  Students interested in participating in this trip (usually in January or February) should contact the Federal Relations Officer at their home university.

Innovation Competition

Georgia Tech is leading the planning for ACC-wide “innovative business plan” competition among student groups.  2014-15 is a planning year, with the hope that competition may begin in 2015-16.

Creativity Competition

Syracuse is leading the planning for ACC-wide “creative” competition.  2014-15 is a planning year, with the hope that competition may begin in 2015-16.

 Executive Leadership Series

Two day skill enhancement programs designed (by UNC) specifically designed specifically for Deans, Vice Provosts, and Vice Chancellors in ACC universities. Emphasized are the unique challenges, demands and expectations executive leaders face in academic organizations. Each of four programs focuses upon a different aspect of leadership: business leader (Feb 15-16, 2015), change agent (July 23-24, 2015), culture creator (TBA 2016), and talent producer (TBA 2016). For each program, up to 35 participants are chosen from nominations from their provosts. Space is limited. Interested individuals should contact their provost or brown@wfu.edu .

ACC Debate Championship

The inaugural ACC Debate Championship (April 10-12, 2015 at Wake Forest) involves teams from 12 ACC universities focusing on the topic, “Should Intercollegiate Athletes Be Paid?” The ACC supports travel grants, national judges, trophies. More information can be obtained by emailing the tournament organizer at jarrodatchison@gmail.com or brown@wfu.edu.

 ACC Distinguished Lecturer Program

The five impressive members of the “inaugural class” of ACC Distinguished Lecturers are Anthony Atala (Wake Forest), Robin Fleming (Boston College), Peter Holland (Notre Dame), Eric Johnson (Clemson), and Maureen McCall (Louisville).   Each has been identified as an excellent speaker with a strong capacity for catalyzing creative thinking and collaboration. In addition to an award stipend, the ACCAC provides financial support to enable each of our 15 universities to sponsor a “distinguished lecture event” (involving one of the five lecturers) on their campus. More information can be obtained from the provost offices or brown@wfu.edu.