The mission of the ACC Academic Consortium (ACCAC) is to leverage the athletic associations and identities among the 15 ACC universities in order to enrich the educational missions of member universities. The intent is to impact all students, not only student athletes. The strategy is to sponsor activities and programs that cannot be accomplished by any one university, and are best supported by universities‐acting‐in‐concert. By directly supporting academic initiatives, the ACC reinforces its conviction that strong academics and strong athletics go together, and it projects this message to its many stakeholders.

Elaboration of mission (Provosts, September 2014):  The ACC Academic Consortium’s mission is to enhance the academic missions of ACC universities, to focus upon programs that are best pursued collaboratively, and to augment the conference’s brand as academically excellence.  Strategically the consortium will (a) emphasize academic competition, leadership development (student, faculty, administration), student (undergraduate and graduate) research and creativity, (b) fund programs that are comparatively advantaged by collaboration, (c) pursue not only programs that involve all ACC university and only ACC Conference funds, but also programs that are partially funded directly by universities and that interest less than all 15 universities, and continue to operate as an informal collaborative activity coordinated by a part-time administrator contracted through the ACC conference office.