The ACC Debate Championship is funded by the ACC Academic Consortium, which is supported by a special fund within the conference budget and guided by the universities’ presidents, provosts and chief undergraduate education officers. In its 15th year, the ACCAC builds upon familiarity and identity nurtured by athletic competition among the 15 universities, with the mission of enhancing the academic experience of all students and the success of faculty and administrators through collaborative programs, ideas, and recognitions.

In 2019 the competition finals were held at the Smithsonian Institution on the National Mall.  The topic was “Should voting be compulsory in the U.S.?”  The 2021 debate will be virtual.  The topic is still to be determined. For current information, contact Jarrod Atchison or Dave Brown

Debate Hosts–
ACC Committee 2021
ACC Committee 2019
Clemson 2018
Miami 2017
North Carolina 2016
Wake Forest 2015

Debate Champions

  • 2019 Patrick Aimone and Conrad Palor, Notre Dame
  • 2018: Artem Svindov and Zachary Homeijer, Miami
  • 2017: Brent Mitchell and Adam Tomasi, Wake Forest
  • 2016: Adam Tomasi and Jack Manchester – Wake Forest
  • 2015: Lee Quinn and Taylor Cameron – Wake Forest